If iMovie ’08 and ’09 crashes… | Raoul Pop


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I’m posting part of Raoul Pop’s blog post: If iMovie ’08 crashes… | Raoul Pop. I’ve run into the same situation with iMovie ’09. As Raoul suggests, go to your home folder > Movies >iMovie Events and locate the folder with the last clips you imported. Delete the contents of the iMovie cache and iMovie Thumbnail folders, restart iMovie, and everything should work fine.


Mac OS X 10.6 Macbook Pro MySQL Issue Resolved

Recently I’ve experienced problems while attempting to running MySQL on OS X 10.6. Whenever I tried to connect to a MySQL database, I ran into the infamous “Error 2002 can’t connect to local MySQL server through socket…” I reinstalled MySQL, but that didn’t fix the problem. I searched the web for a solution, tried some that I found and still had the issue. Finally, I downloaded the latest beta release (as of the time of this post): 5.4 and installed it. This resolved the connection problem. However, I still have to migrate my databases from 5.1.

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