Jitterbit/Thomas Nelson ETL Case Study

In today’s complex technology environment, having the right ETL (Extract Transform Load) tool is a top priority for many enterprises. In the past, my team has built its own ETL tools. While they have worked well for us, maintenance and support in a rapidly changing world has become somewhat of a nightmare. Read more of this post


Mac OS X 10.6 Macbook Pro MySQL Issue Resolved

Recently I’ve experienced problems while attempting to running MySQL on OS X 10.6. Whenever I tried to connect to a MySQL database, I ran into the infamous “Error 2002 can’t connect to local MySQL server through socket…” I reinstalled MySQL, but that didn’t fix the problem. I searched the web for a solution, tried some that I found and still had the issue. Finally, I downloaded the latest beta release (as of the time of this post): 5.4 and installed it. This resolved the connection problem. However, I still have to migrate my databases from 5.1.

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