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I’m posting part of Raoul Pop’s blog post: If iMovie ’08 crashes… | Raoul Pop. I’ve run into the same situation with iMovie ’09. As Raoul suggests, go to your home folder > Movies >iMovie Events and locate the folder with the last clips you imported. Delete the contents of the iMovie cache and iMovie Thumbnail folders, restart iMovie, and everything should work fine.


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More to the Mythbusters and RFID Story

Last week I posted a video about a Mythbusters episode on RFID security that was supposedly stopped by corporate attorneys. Here’s a follow up to that story fromcnet.com. Here’s a clarification from Adam Savage.

No matter what, my sons and I remain faithful Mythbusters watchers.

Churches and Technology

Last night I read a CIO Insights article titled Megachurch Megatech. As a sometimes web designer for my church’s praise and worship service site, I was intrigued by the technology being used at the larger churches. According to the article, there are an estimated 1800 megachurches. Some of these churches have technology budgets of over $1 million. At my church, we get excited over simple things like a new sound board, lcd projector, and the like. Just this year, we’ve added some streaming videos on our site…I’m still politicking for live streaming of Sunday services. What I wouldn’t give for WiFi in my church. I wonder if the pastors in these megachurches get distracted by the clicking of keyboards as people surf the web on their laptops during the church service? Also, exactly what would people be using their laptops for during the service? Maybe they are setting the lineup for their fantasy sports teams.

More Video Streaming

After months of experimenting with several streaming technologies, I’ve finally settled on one I like, Flash, as in Macromedia’s Flash FLV files for small video files and the Flash Communications Server for larger files. Why Flash? Simply put, Flash has become one of the lowest common denominators with browsers. In other words, most browsers support Flash and most corporate firewalls do not block it. The same can’t be said for some of the other streaming technologies I’ve used. While the servers may allow one to change the streaming port, I’ve found that some corporate firewalls do not allow for downloading the client required to play the video. The bottom line, if you want to stream videos (and audio files) consider using Flash…either FLV files or the Flash Communication Server (Macromedia offers a free developer version). For more information visit Macromedia.

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