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Last night I read a CIO Insights article titled Megachurch Megatech. As a sometimes web designer for my church’s praise and worship service site, I was intrigued by the technology being used at the larger churches. According to the article, there are an estimated 1800 megachurches. Some of these churches have technology budgets of over $1 million. At my church, we get excited over simple things like a new sound board, lcd projector, and the like. Just this year, we’ve added some streaming videos on our site…I’m still politicking for live streaming of Sunday services. What I wouldn’t give for WiFi in my church. I wonder if the pastors in these megachurches get distracted by the clicking of keyboards as people surf the web on their laptops during the church service? Also, exactly what would people be using their laptops for during the service? Maybe they are setting the lineup for their fantasy sports teams.


Socket Programming in Java

It’s funny what you find on the Internet. Several months ago I submitted a couple of articles to Borland Developer Network. Receiving no communication back, I assumed that the articles were rejected. A couple of evenings ago I stumbled across a reference to one of the articles on the site. I was floored. It seems that Borland did decide to post the articles after all…they just decided to wait till December to do it. Go figure.

Click here for my article about socket programming in Java.

Sockets: Basic Client-Server Programming in Java

For a how-to on socket programming in java, see my article Sockets: Basic Client-Server Programming in Java.

RMI: Distributed Java For the Rest of Us

Follow the link to read my RMI article on Borland’s Developer Network site.
RMI Article

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