Kindle 2.0?

It seems that pictures of the new Kindle 2.0 device, the one that Amazon is denying exists, are leaking out across the web. Here’s the link on


Sony's New PRS-700 Reader

In case you haven’t heard, Sony just introduced their new reader, the PRS-700. The big difference between it and the PRS-505, is a 6 inch touchscreen, faster processor, expanded memory, and a built in side-lighting. The biggest feature that is lacking: no wireless capability. That being said, the touchscreen should be an improvement as it allows for note taking and finger swipping for page turning. It is also still billed as an “open” reader that allows multiple formats. The price tag will be $400

The best news of all, Sony has redesigned their online store. For those of us who’ve used it, this is definitely good news.

More on the Sony/Target Digital Reader Partnership

Here’s some more information on the Sony/Target partnership to sell Reader Digital Book products:

Sony Reader Sighting

Tonight, after waiting in line at Costco for 30 minutes for gas, my youngest son and I headed to a nearby Target. While wondering around Target, I say a Sony Reader display in electronics. Target is selling the Reader for $299. They also have several accessories, including prepaid eBook cards for the Sony eBook store. I picked up a cover with a built in light for mine.

I think it’s very interesting that Sony is now selling their digital reader products in Target. I guess they’ve finally started to market it. I’ve had one for almost a year now and enjoy it. It looks cooler than the Kindle. I only have a couple of complaints. First, it doesn’t have wireless capabilities like the Kindle does. Second, the desktop software only runs on Windows…though I’ve been able to find an open source product that runs on the Mac and allows you to manage the device: calibre.

Ok, I do have one additional complaint, there are some publishers that haven’t started providing content for the device.

Creating Books "Old School Style"

I thought you might enjoy the following video from the 1940’s that shows the process of making a book.

Printing a Book, Old School from Armin Vit.

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