Jitterbit/Thomas Nelson ETL Case Study

In today’s complex technology environment, having the right ETL (Extract Transform Load) tool is a top priority for many enterprises. In the past, my team has built its own ETL tools. While they have worked well for us, maintenance and support in a rapidly changing world has become somewhat of a nightmare.

Last year, we began exploring off-the-shelf ETL products to replace our custom developed ones. We ultimately settled on a data migration tool called Jitterbit. It provides a simple effective way to design and implement data integrations. Jitterbit allows for multiple source and target types of all the major database providers, various text formats, and web services. It has an easy to use graphical interface and scripting language that are used to build custom integrations. Jitterbit also provides its own batch operations and management environment.

We’ve seen a marked improvement in design and maintenance of our ETL needs since moving to Jitterbit. To find out more about our experiences with Jitterbit, see their Integration Case Studies page.


About Rick
Many years of technology experience working in both the public and private sector. I hold undergraduate degrees in Information Systems and Management as well as a Master in Business Administration. Currently I'm Vice President of Information Technology for Thomas Nelson Publishers, Inc.

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