10 Indispensable Insights On Cloud Computing — InformationWeek

Lately, I’ve been catching up on some overdue reading and have come across this article: Global CIO: 10 Indispensable Insights On Cloud Computing — InformationWeek. It’s based on the book: Management Strategies for the Cloud Revolution, by Charles Babcock…something else for me to read.One of the takeaways for me is that fact that we’re finally entering the reality of “the network is the computer”. At Thomas Nelson, we’re scaling our infrastructure beyond the physical plant of our data center. Over time, we’ve shrunk our internal footprint from mainframes, disk cabinets, rows of tape drives, and SNA network controllers, to racks of servers, SAN‘s, and NAS‘s, running both virtual and physical machines.

At the same time, we have created a hybrid infrastructure with some systems, servers, and applications running in “the cloud”. We’re utilizing cloud computing to create on-demand environments for our users, run “things” that we do not need worry about maintaining the expertise to support, freeing up resources for other mission critical processes. I envision a future where most of our computing infrastructure is virtual and on-demand. A future where we’re less concerned about a where a server is physically located, and one where we’re generating even more efficient use of IT resources to deliver a seamless, integrated computing environment to our peers.


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Many years of technology experience working in both the public and private sector. I hold undergraduate degrees in Information Systems and Management as well as a Master in Business Administration. Currently I'm Vice President of Information Technology for Thomas Nelson Publishers, Inc.

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